Student Testimonial: Zara Tariq

Zara Tariq

“The MSHS program in clinical microbiology helped me advance to new career opportunities and increase my salary,” said Zara Tariq. “It has also given me the confidence to further my studies and driven me to continue learning in the health sciences.”

“I chose GW for its specific curriculum, its flexibility for being online, and for being a prestigious university. I knew that if I received my master’s in clinical microbiology, I would be prepared to take the microbiology board exam.”

“The program surpassed my expectations. The faculty made me feel as if they were my family. They were very caring and wanted me to excel. I was never hesitant to contact them and knew they’d always support me. They were always rooting for me.”

“I gained valuable tools that I can continue to use during my lifetime … I would encourage others to enroll at GW.”